I was once lucky to hear this wonderful musician back in early 2000s. He came to perform at the City Recital Hall (in Sydney) Brahms’ three piano sonatas. It was a wonderful recital, although interrupted by the electronic sound disturbances of someone’s hearing aid – something City Recital Hall is well known for. So, after a breif chat to the audience, the backstage staff quickly switched off the speakers and the recital went on. In his address Maestro was almost apologetic – showing tremendous respect to his audience. He was awarded with cheer and applause before going off the stage for a moment.

It is not easy to have a disruption of this magnitude and still give a wonderful performance. Although it can work in ways to break the tension between audience and the performer, I never asked Maestro about it.

I inquired at the Sydney Opera House if Mr.Campanella had any free time for a piano lesson with me. It turned out he was ok with it. Wow! Chopin it is then! I really needed to get more of an insight into the fourth Ballade and here was my chance! I arrived and hour before the time of my lesson and just sat there at the entrance of the SOH looking at the score. I don’t know why I looked in it – I knew it well, I played the Ballade for years. I guess I was nervous.