• From the start of our lessons I strive to define and fine-tune each student’s purpose for learning piano, and give them tools that will enable them to achieve whichever musical goal they pursue.
  • My ultimate purpose is to help each student develop sufficient music comprehension and technical ability that will allow them to continue musical education independently of any teacher.
  • I aim to discover a musician in a pianist – a performer with a unique voice and ability to find one’s own meaning in any musical text and therefore become an independent interpreter of music.


One of the key methods in my teaching is optimising the learning process for each student by tailoring it to their individual needs and abilities. Some of most common adjustments include:

    • adapting the practice schedule for busy university students to eliminate unnecessary time-wasting activities, which allows to achieve greater results in less time;
    • introducing special memorisation techniques for students with attachment to sight reading;
    • providing exercises to compensate for agility or dexterity deficiency in the beginner level older students;
    • helping students build an optimal repertoire compatible with both their technical competence and their aesthetic preference.

Throughout my teaching experience and research I have observed several pitfalls and traps that students fall into due to the flaws of various instruction styles which often lead to impairments of students’ performance abilities. To prevent that, I organise my lessons with an emphasis on such important areas as:

    • development of technical skills;
    • right structure of practise at home;
    • correct method of learning a new piece;
    • mastering rhythm;
    • improving sound production;
    • preventing detrimental psychological assumptions and performance anxiety.

While acknowledging the importance of AMEB exams as a general progress indicator, I encourage all my students to discover a more profound reason to learn piano, as I found that their musical advancement is hindered by setting only short term discrete goals such as getting a certificate. However, if the student wishes to do just that, I have developed an accelerated course to enable them to focus on passing examinations only, with a high success rate.

I always make the student aware of the importance of physical health relative to hands, arms, joints, posture, etc.